Essential Oils

Essential Oils are a huge part of my lifestyle. I use them for everything – cooking, hair care, skin care, aromatherapy, in my yoga practice, and on my pets. Whether you’re a total oil newbie or a seasoned oiler, I can help you get oils without breaking the bank.

Most people who use essential oils buy in to one retailer only, either through membership or just because they’ve tried them and they work, so why go anywhere else? I actually get my oils from multiple sources because I’m a researcher and have found that to get the best bang for your buck, you need to shop around.

Through trial and experience, I have come to trust Young Living and Imani Natural.

Young Living is by far the more popular of the two, but there are pros and cons to both!


Young Living

Pros: Well-recognized. “Seed-to-seal” certification. Membership offers 24% discount on all products. Starter kit costs $160, but is valued closer to $300, and is a great starter kit for new oilers. More variety in products that aren’t just oils (ex: cleaning supplies, shampoos, etc.). Just launched a new makeup line that is discounted for members. Opportunity to make a small business out of it. Can get oil accessories, such as diffusers, at discount.

Cons: If you’re not ready to commit to a starter kit, you have to pay retail price, meaning you pay 24% more for one or two oils that you’d like to try out before purchasing. Bigger company.

Imani Natural

Pros: No membership, price is the same across all customers. Family-owned, small business = great customer service. Associate discount available for yoga teachers, health practitioners, etc (and it is a great discount, I can vouch). Oils are just as high quality as Young Living. Wide variety of oils. They carry some that YL does not.

Cons: No starter kit available. No opportunity to sell oils. They do not sell oil accessories such as diffusers, etc.

What I do.

When I first started using essential oils, I actually had friends who used them, so I could sample them before making the decision to get a starter kit from Young Living (I wasn’t aware of Imani at that time). I knew that I’d benefit from oils in my lifestyle, so I jumped the gun and purchased a starter kit from Young Living. I absolutely love their starter kit. It’s an amazing deal. I just now ran out of all of the oils that came in it, and I bought my kit about two years ago. It also comes with a diffuser, which is great, because those run about $80 on their own, and I love using my diffuser. I take it with me when I travel because I love it so much!


A friend of mine who did the same yoga training that I did introduced me to Imani Natural, because it’s actually her family’s business! I ordered a few samples to make sure the quality was consistent with YL (because YL oils are potent, which is what you want!), and after testing a few, I was sold. Imani has an associate program for yoga teachers and health practitioners, and I signed up for that immediately.

Here’s how I use both to my advantage.

Cost comparison. Whenever I run out of an oil, I check both Young Living and Imani to see the cost comparison. On average, Imani is less expensive than Young Living. This is likely due to the fact that they have less overhead because they are a small, family-owned business, and not due to worse quality in product.

Trial and error. Although both are comparable in quality, there are some oils that Young Living does better than Imani, and some that Imani does better than Young Living. I’ve tried Frankincense oil from both YL and Imani, and to be honest, Imani’s is my favorite (and it’s way cheaper!).

Strategize. I buy accessories from Young Living, because they have more to offer than Imani. However, I’ve purchased things like bath oil (you have to use this to use oils in bath water, or else the oil will float on top) and clay masks through Imani, because they’re less expensive than comparable YL products.

Check for sales…often. Young Living runs sales and promotions all the time, you just have to keep up with them! When you become a member, you are included in an email subscription that let’s you know when sales are going on. Otherwise, keep yourself updated! One sale you can always count on with Imani is my discount code! Use “GREENFREE” at checkout to receive a free bottle (yes, free) of 100% pure lemon essential oil with your purchase of any amount.

You have to do your research to get the most out of using two different retailers, but it’s worth it to save money on something that you will likely use every day! 


Let’s get oiling!

To purchase from Imani, head to their website and fill your shopping bag with oils you want to try/need refills on! If you have absolutely nowhere to start, shoot me a message and let’s chat:

To purchase from Young Living, click this link, and decide whether you’d like to become a member (and get the starter kit!) or sign up as a retail customer for now.

Also, a little disclaimer: if you do decide to purchase through Young Living, I may make a commission; however, I’m not giving you all of this information for the perks, otherwise I wouldn’t have told you about Imani (I don’t make commission with them, although I do get free oils when you use my discount code to get a free oil for yourself!).