Cheesy Potato Soup #veganized

sup guuuuyyysssss so this is a new thing i wanna start doing called #veganized


taking recipes that have animal meat or animal byproducts (milk, eggs, gelatin, etc.) in them and makin’ em vegan!!!!

bc anything can be vegan

this could get confusing bc these are not my original recipes!!!! but i have altered them to make them vegan. i’ll always link to the original recipe tho!!!

so for this first ~episode~ of #veganized, i’m making CHEESY POTATO SOUP!!!

a classic

a creamy classic

a creamy cheesy classic but casual dish

the original recipe is from Sugar Apron and you can click right here to find it!!

it is most definitely not vegan, cuz it’s full of cow’s milk, sour cream, bacon, chicken broth, and cheddar cheese


i was able to #veganize it and it turned out soooooooo gooooood i swear. it’s so good!!!

the only downfall was that i was unable to find the vegan bacon that i love (Sweet Earth brand) 😦 ….so i omitted the bacon from this recipe. i tried to buy a diff. kind of veg bacon but i honestly hated the one i bought so…nah

it was out of stock at BOTH of my sprouts locations, but if you have a favorite vegan bacon then i’m sure it will work grrrrrrrr8 in this

so here’s the substitutes i used for this recipe

butter = Earth Balance

milk = Trader Joe’s unsweetened almond milk

cheddar shreds = So Delicious Vegan Cheddar Shreds

sour cream = Tofutti Vegan Sour Cream

chicken broth = veggie broth


so basically just follow all the same instructions that are on Sugar Apron’s recipe, but using these substitution ingredients


mine turned out likeeeee dis

it’s a little more yellow/orangey than the pics on the original recipe’s site, but it’s probably because the veggie broth i use (trader joe’s) is like hella orange….like super dark

but it doesn’t matter bc it turned out so flavorful and nom


if you make this lemme know how it went!!!!

also, comment below or send me a message or tweet at me or post on my insta (too many options???) what you want me to #veganize next!!!


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