What I Ate Today as a Vegan Who is Basic AF

i’m changing my brand to basic af vegan bc that’s what i am apparently based on the food I’m eating today

i thought it would be fun to start sharing what I eat in a day!!!! i love watching these things on youtube but I’m not about to start a youtube ~career~ so i’m just tossing some photos up

hopefully this gives you some idea of what being a vegan is like when u aren’t one of those diet label vegans (high carb, low carb, high fat, blah blah blah) and u just eat mostly balanced and some junky stuff here n there. and it’s not rabbit food!!!! brand plug!!!

being a vegan can b quite normal & also not a complete shock to ur casual & convenient lifestyle!

here’ssssss what I ate today (11/21/17)


I usually eat 2 breakfasts in the morning bc I just wake up so hangry!!!! usually it’s a smoothie 1st, then something savory. I put a lot of greens n stuff in my smoothies cuz I’m sneaky. this particular smoothie had:

  • 1 ripe banana
  • Some frozen mango
  • Lil bit of frozen bloobs (blueberries)
  • Fresh kale
  • Dynamo juice from Trader Joe’s
  • Pea protein
  • Topped with pecan praline granola from Trader Joe’s & also coconut pieces
  • and that’s all


then I ate aaaaaaaa bagel with vegan cream cheese & everything bagel seasoning!! v good highly recommend

not sure what to call this

but it’s coffee!!!!! i drink like 3-4 cups per day and before all u crazy health nuts try and attack me, it’s not bc i’m tired!!!!! if i had a penny for every time i heard a healthy vegan make mean comments about ppl who drink coffee like “u should get ur energy from plants not coffee!!” BUT I DRINK IT CUZ I LIKE THE TASTE OK???????? black coffee is the best, dont @ me. yes i have tried drinking tea instead and NO it doesn’t taste as good. no i don’t want decaf bc chemicals.

also, we have craft coffee at my Place Of Work so why would i not drink that

also also, i put it in this mug i got from the kansas city zoo that AN ORANGUTAN PAINTED with its own two hands!!!! i wish i could thank him/her with a big ol’ hug, but i shall not bc animals deserve respect & boundaries & i do not wish to be attacked on accident bc i scare him/her


i had a meeting at work til 11 but when that was over i ate a ginger cookie and an orange. i brought 2 cookies to work with me but was a nice lil vegan and shared one with a coworker. the recipe was from the minimalist baker and here’s the link. the recipe is gluten free but i am not gluten free so i used just normal wheat flour instead and they turned out juuuuuus fine!

you guys know what an orange looks like so no photo sry


for lunch I brought this mashed chickpea salad sandwich that had (obv) mashed chickpea salad leftovers & some slices of cucumber and romaine lettuce. also v good and easy to make, here’s my recipe

another snack cuz i’m a hungry leeeeel veg

after lunch i was still a lil hungry, probably cuz i gave that cookie away, ugh generosity hurts


good thing i brought this YOGURT!!!!!

fyi, trader joe’s has vegan yogurt. i embarrassingly found this out after shopping there for many many months and looking specifically for vegan yogurt and never seeing it, then emailing their customer service and asking if they could make a vegan yogurt option, then the next week i went back to my store and behold……………………………they already do. dunno why i missed it every time.

anyway i ate one of them


ayeeeee my favorite time of the day…dinnatime

I had some leftover tofu chicken and some avocados and salsa so here we have some basic af burrito bowls that were actually VERY v v v delicious. much recommend.

I used to h8 tofu but I found this video that shows how to make it tough and meaty instead of soft and squishy and I swear this chicken could fool a carnivore in this burrito bowl…the vid calls for just garlic and salt but since this is mexicaaaaanz I added some cumin, cayenne, onion powder, and chile lime seasoning!!!

there was…

  • brown rice
  • vegetarian refried beans
  • mango tomatillo salsa (Trader Joe’s wut wut)
  • tofu “chicken”
  • 1/2 mashed up avocado

and das all

more snax

houston and i started watching chelsea handler’s show (the best) and ate some pineapple too

and then later at like 8pm I had some ALMOND NOGGGGG from Trader Joe’s which is so much like egg nog it is a leetle >>>trippy<<< but u should def get it if u liked egg nog before u were vegan!!!!! eggs r weird to eat so eat almonds instead 

and uh ya guys that’s it, that’s what I ate today

see ya l8er

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