Juicing Without a Juicer!! (Magic)

do u like juice???? have u ever wanted to juice at home & be a ~trendy~ vegan but don’t have $$ for those nice juicer machines??

me too

except the trendy vegan part

sometimes I just really wantaaaaaa jooce but don’t wanna go to the store for one and don’t have a juicer so I did a lil’ searchin’ and found out u can do it with just a blender and a mesh strainer!!!!!

whOaAaAaaAa!!! JuiCe mAgiCcCc

this was obviously not my original idea, it’s all over the internet, BUT I just wanted to share in case ya haven’t heaaaardddd!!!

here’s the stepz

1. blend all ur ingredients

for this example, I’m makin a green juice!!! it’s got kale, cucumber, celery, ginger, lemon juice, romaine, wheat grass, and a whole green apple!! plus a lil water to help blend it all up

blend all the ingredients to make a green smoothie which will be turned into juice

2. place a mesh strainer over a small bowl 

like dis

3. pour smoothie mixture into mesh strainer

when u pour the smoothie into the strainer, juice should start to come out and your mixing bowl will catch it!!!

4. press extra juice out 

use a spatula or spoon or whatever u GOTS and press the mush down, “squeezing” more of the juice out

the pulp will start to get dry and clump together like so

5. save the pulp for later & drank ur juice!!!

I haven’t tried it yet, but I know u can use the leftover pulp for energy balls or in muffins or pancakes or breads!!! or just compost it w/e

and that’s all folks

now u have juice!!!

bone apple tea

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