How I Plan to #veganize Thanksgiving

hey hi hello

let’s get in a thanksgiving m o o d

thanksgiving is in just 4 days!!!!! and this weekend i planned out our thanksgiving FEAST and went grocery shopping for everything so i thought i’d share how i’m planning on making a vegan thanksgiving. personally, i don’t care for thanksgiving food, but it’s houston’s favorite, and he’s all about the classics. no fancy or creative foods…just the thanksgiving basics.

we’ll be going to his brother’s for thanksgiving with his family, and i’m bringin’ the vegan goods to share with all who want to partake

here’s what i’m making:

cinnamon rolls

Image result for trader joe's cinnamon rolls

idk about you and ur fam but in my house we always made cinnamon rolls on thanksgiving and christmas morning. it’s just a way to kickoff the day and get things rollin’. i’m not doing any special recipe bc i got a lot of stuff to do on thanksgiving so i just bought some pre-made cinnamon rolls (the canned kind) that i’ll just pop in the oven and eat with some coffee and then get COOKIN

the trader joe’s brand cinnamon rolls are vegan!!!!! go TJ’s

vegan turkey

Image result for tofurky

I’ve never tried vegan turkey before; however, i’ve made seitan and tried tons of other vegan meats, and i’m confident that TOFURKY will provide us with a very turkey-like thanksgiving experience and turkeys everywhere shall rejoice

this comes with vegan gravy in it (or at least the one i bought did) so i’m not gonnaaaaa make my own gravy. if i need to, i’ll stretch it by adding flour and broth but it should be enough for just 2 people.

garlic mashed potatoes

i’m pretty sure we eat mashed potatoes at least every other week in our house, so i’ve gotten pretty good at making buttery creamy mashed potatoes. i don’t have a specific recipe for this, but here’s what i usually do…

boil a bunch of yukon gold potatoes (or whatever potatoes you want but these are the most buttery/creamy imo). i keep the skins on, but if you hate skin you can peel it. it’s w/e. boil til’ tender (you can cut through them easily)

drain them and put em in a big mixing bowl. add vegan butter (i use earth balance buttery spread) and some cashew or almond milk (unflavored and unsweetened).

add some garlic powder, salt, and pepper to taste!!

green bean casserole


the only non-vegan ingredient in typical green bean casseroles is the cream of mushroom soup, but this can easily be veganized.

although i have a green bean casserole recipe that i

invented, it’s a little different than the classic recipe. if you like a hearty, more filling recipe, try the version i made with potato soup instead of mushroom soup

i’ll be using that same recipe, but replacing the potatoes with crimini mushrooms and hoping for the best…oh and also using almond milk to make it more creamy

crescent rolls

Image result for trader joes crescent rolls

a lot of canned rolls & biscuit doughs are what we call “accidentally vegan” meaning they’re not marketed as a vegan product but DEY ISSSSSS. it’s probably bc vegetable oils are cheaper than butter. i’m using trader joe’s brand crescent rolls!

some corn

just some canned corn with some seasonings….maybe sum garlic powder, salt, pepper…nutritional yeast


maple glazed carrots and butternut squash

for this side dish i’ll be veganizing this recipe from the country cook, but adding butternut squash to the mix and doubling the other ingredients (except the carrots)

really the only thing to veganize is the butter, and i’ll use my trusty earth balance to replace it

pumpkin pie

Easy Vegan Pumpkin Pie. All you do is add the ingredients to a blender, blend, pour into pie shell, and bake! It's perfectly creamy and full of pumpkin spice. No one will know it's vegan! #itdoesnttastelikechicken

i. love. pumpkin. pie. it’s my favorite dessert and my favorite part of thanksgiving!! and fall!! i’m not one of those pumpkin spice freaks, though. i actually prefer ~apple~ spice over pumpkin.

i’ll be using It Doesn’t Taste Like Chicken’s easy vegan pumpkin pie recipe

everything i’ve made from her blog has turned out gr8 so fingers crossed

no-bake triple layer lemon pudding pie

houston doesn’t really like pumpkin pie so i’m making something more along his taste preference so he can have a dessert too #nohusbandsleftbehind

This easy & simple no bake triple layer lemon pudding pie is the perfect summertime dessert! You only need 5 ingredients for a sweet and creamy lemon pudding pie that is no bake and so simple to make.

photo credit: Together as Family

the recipe i’m using is absolutely not vegan so i’m gonna #veganize it and i think it will actually be a very easy & good process

it’s already really easy to make….there’s basically 2 parts to this pie filling: lemon pudding & whipped cream. the first layer is just lemon pudding. the second layer is lemon pudding mixed with whipped cream. the third layer is just whipped cream.

did you know that jell-o pudding is actually vegan????? surprise!!! and congrats bc pudding is great. it becomes not vegan when you add cow milk to it. easy fix…just use plant milk. i’ll probably use almond milk!

for the whipped cream, you can just whip up coconut cream (there’s tons of recipes online) or you can be lazy like me and buy cocowhip from sprouts in a tub in the freezer.

o and i bought a pre-made vegan pie crust

and that’s all guys

lemme know in the comments how you veganized your thanksgivings!!! if you try any of these things, alsooooooo tell me how it went

see u on the other side

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