Recipe: My Favorite Adaptogenic Coffee Tonic

Everyone who knows me also knows that I love my coffee, and I love it black – no extras. No milk, no sugar, no creamer, no honey…whatever you want to add, don’t. 

However, every now and then I crave something a little heavier. Something a little more buttery. I know where your mind is going…bulletproof! I’ve actually never tried bulletproof coffee. I don’t not eat dairy, but…it does upset my stomach, so I try to limit it to small amounts. This recipe is one of my favorite alternative coffee drinks, because it works like bulletproof without the dairy and with some bonus adaptogenic herbs and medicinal mushrooms (you can’t taste them, I promise!).


I know that some things on this ingredients list may have you thinking, “what the hell is that and where do I find it?” I’ll include where I got all of my ingredients, some even on sale (hint: Sprouts). You also may see these ingredients and feel incredibly overwhelmed. Maybe you’ve always wanted to get into making tonics, but the upfront cost of these herbs, mushrooms, seeds, and oils is daunting. I feel you, trust me. I hope you find some encouragement in the fact that my experience with tonics has been incredible, and these ingredients last a very long time! Honestly, you could make one of these babies every single day and still be spending less than you would if you ordered a regular, black coffee from Starbucks every single day!

Plus, the benefits far outweigh black coffee. This tonic has lion’s mane mushroom extract, which is incredible for brain cognition. Lion’s mane is known to improve memory and brain function during the day! It’s also got reishi mushroom extract, which is a medicinal mushroom known to ease stress and anxiety, and help you relax. I like to add reishi to my coffee to offset the jitters. There’s also astragalus, which has been used in Chinese medicine for centuries to improve your immune function, and is also being studied for its benefits in preventing heart disease.


Without further adieu, here’s my favorite coffee tonic recipe!


1 c black coffee, freshly brewed (your choice in roast, but I like the lighter roasts because they’ve got more caffeine)

1 T organic, unrefined, virgin coconut oil (Sprouts name brand)

1 T shelled hemp seeds (Sprouts name brand, I believe it was $7 for the entire bag)

1 t Lion’s Mane medicinal mushroom powder (purchased at Sprouts, the bag was 50% off…$15, if I remember correctly)

1 t organic, raw honey (purchased at Sprouts, and you don’t have to use raw honey, but it has WAY more enzymes & health benefits)

dash of organic cinnamon powder

1 serving Reishi Mushroom liquid extract (Sprouts name brand, $13 for 30 servings)

1 serving Astragalus liquid extract (Sprouts name brand, $11 for 30 servings)



  1. Brew coffee as desired. I use a Chemex, and it makes an amazing pot of coffee. My parents gifted me my first Chemex when I was in college, and I’ve been hooked ever since! You can use any blend of coffee. I really enjoy the Breakfast Blend from Sprouts.
  2. Pour coffee into the mug you’ll be using, to measure out the right amount, and then transfer to a blender.
  3. Add in the rest of the ingredients. 
  4. Blend. I start out blending this on a low speed, just to get everything mixed together. About 30 seconds in, I’ll bump it up to high speed so that they hemp seeds are blended up and you don’t end up with seeds in your coffee! All in all, I blend for about 45 seconds to 1 minute.
  5. Pour it up. Drank.



There you have it, folks.

Let me know what you think of this recipe, if you try it!



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