God, Astrology, and Celebrating the Full Moon

There’s a full moon in full-swing, and I’m just giddy. I have always loved the moon. I can remember laying in bed, as a child, and getting up every night to open my windows to let the moonlight spill in, because it helped me sleep. There’s just something about moonlight that’s so soothing, calming, and peaceful. Maybe it’s the moon’s feminine energy, maybe it’s the subtle frequencies, or maybe it’s just purely in my head. Regardless, I can tell that there’s a shift of energy in me since the full moon started last night. This full moon is actually in Leo, which is my sun sign! No wonder I’ve been so inspired and passionate about what I’m doing lately. It’s MY MOON TIME! 

I’ve been interested in astrology for a long time, but to be honest, don’t know much about it. I recently purchased this book on astrology for beginners, and I’m so excited to learn more and see where it goes!


My favorite poster from my favorite shop in OKC, Craig’s Emporium.

I’m not an expert in astrology.

I haven’t studied the science of astrology, and I probably couldn’t list all twelve sun signs without using Google. However, I won’t toss it out the window as pseudoscience, either.

Whether its a proven science or not, there is definitely something spiritual and magnificent about the concept that we are all intertwined. Humanity and the Cosmos, we are not separate. I know God to be a very creative, imaginative, and intellectual being. I see it in creation all around me. In nature, the oxygen that plants create is the source that allows us to breathe. The food that is grown from the ground helps us in infinitely diverse ways. The weather affects our mood. The moon’s gravitational pull greatly affects the earth’s ocean tides. Aside from nature, where these influences can be observed in the physical, there is the unobservable, the intangible, but the true. Our words. Our words, our energies, our attitudes, can affect those around us. Our frequencies, if imbalanced, can affect the frequencies of those around us. Negative energies that we carry within ourselves can affect the energies of those near us. Bad moods are contagious. It’s a very little-studied area (human frequencies and energy), so I can only speak from experience, although I feel that to be enough (I won’t even get started on why I value both personal experience and science equally, but I’ll just say western culture places far too much credit in science).


All of this to say, in my opinion, it makes complete sense that if the cosmos, human beings, animals, and all of nature were all created with the same energy (that of the Creator), that those things would all be connected somehow. When I think about the possibility that the grand, magnificent cosmos – the stars, the planets, the galaxies – have an influence on me, I just stand in awe of the Creator. Even the possibility of it brings me to a place of worship.

It’s the mystery of it that draws me in.

No one has been able to prove why astrology works. For thousands of years, it’s been around, but no one has discovered why it has had success. I love that. It’s what the world needs – mystery. If you ask me, us westerners get too caught up in what can be proven and what can’t. I don’t need something to be proven by data for me to learn from it. In fact, that’s the very reason I’m drawn to worship God. God is a complete mystery. Any concept that we have of God isn’t provable. We may call God a “he,” we may use words like “love, hope, and forgiveness,” to describe God, but it’s not fully God. There is more to God that we cannot capture with words, concepts, imagery, or ideas in our head. God is the great “I am.” Beyond words. God is outside of our understanding, and that has to be OK. If it’s not, then we create idols out of who we think God is, and we no longer worship the true, undefinable God.


My Sun and Moon, also known as Ray and Dusky

Once you give yourself over to the mystery of life, you are able to learn more, gain more, explore more, and, most importantly…experience more. Knowledge is great, don’t hear me wrong. We need knowledge, and it moves us forward, but knowledge is not the answer to everything. Knowledge is not always power. We need equal doses of knowledge and experience. Experiencing something that is a mystery keeps us coming back to it. It keeps us humble. It keeps us hungry and thirsting for more. Knowledge feeds our ego, but experience feeds our spirit.

Step outside of your ego.

We live in ego a lot. It’s important to do things that aren’t for your immediate gain every now and then. Stand in awe of something outside of you. Worship the Creator. Appreciate the magnificent art that is the universe. You will never grow, spiritually, if you only ever do things that increase your knowledge. There’s a reason the forbidden fruit was from the tree of knowledge. 

I encourage you to do something to celebrate the full moon tonight! No, not to worship the moon, and no, you don’t need to do some weird ceremony or ritual. Just appreciate the beauty of it. Explore the possibility that there is a creative force, beyond yourself, that is working on your behalf. Ponder the idea that we are all connected through our Creator.

Here’s what I’m doing today.


1. Burning Incense

One of my favorite incense packs that I have is called Moon. Go figure. My fiance actually bought these for me because he knows how much I love the moon AND how much I love incense. He’s a keeper, I know. We get our incense from either Craig’s Emporium in Oklahoma City, or at our local Indian Supermarket, Spices of India. We love Craig’s because it’s a local, small business, and it’s just honestly a fun place to spend an hour in exploring. Spices of India is the best bang for your buck, though, and they have every scent you could ever imagine. It’s where we usually buy our Nag Champa, too, because it’s the best price we can find in the city.


Mr. Cash watching in anticipation of the full moon. You’ll find us here all day waiting.

2. Creating Art

I love making art, especially moon art. In the picture of the incense stick above, you can see my the moon phases drawing that I made last year. A couple months ago, I started working on this white charcoal drawing of the moon on black charcoal paper. Today, I’m going to get in touch with my creative side, and dream up some new moon-themed art!


3. Enjoying Music

I’m greatly affected by music. I know a lot of people who just listen to the same music, no matter their mood, all of the time, and I do not understand those people. I have to select my music by my mood. Most of the time, I start my day out with this savasana playlist. I can’t listen to anything too jarring in the morning, or my pitta will fire up too quickly, and I won’t be able to meditate or focus on anything before I leave for work because I will want to do way too many things in too short of a time period. During the day, I can listen to pretty much anything, but prefer to listen to wordless music while I’m at work for better concentration. In the evening, I like to listen to this Mellow Beats playlist or the savasana playlist again!

For this special full moon celebration, I will likely be listening to Moon Song by Gungor on repeat. The lyrics are my favorite, and the reason behind my next tattoo: the moon. I love the symbolism of God, as the sun, and humanity, as the moon, reflecting the light of the God. It’s just so beautiful.


4. Practicing Yoga.

Of course, yoga is on my list. I try to practice yoga daily, even if it’s for 10 or 20 minutes, but on a night like tonight, I’m going to take a little bit of extra time on my mat to find some peace and ease. There’s a full moon themed yoga practice on YouTube that I love to do whenever this time rolls around. You can find it here.



Happy mooning! (Please don’t moon your neighbors).

Let me know in the comments how you are taking time to reflect on the beauty of the moon today and this evening! Love you all!



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